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3-D Printed Gown

purpose-built replacement organs

'bionic' ear with range beyond human hearing



Shapeways Raises $30 Million To Bring High-Quality 3D Printing To Everyone

April 26, 2013 Top 4 Uses of 3D Printing in Healthcare
1. Prosthetics 2. Dentistry 3. Organs 4. Implants
Innovation Are 3D Printers Worth It?
by Sean Captain, TechNewsDaily Managing Editor April 30 2013

3D Systems Cube 3D Printer
The 3D Printing Expo's Coolest Creations

 3Dプリンティング.com turns attention to concrete

One surface folded in an endless möbius band. Floors transform into ceilings, inside into outside by Janjaap Ruijssenaars of Universe Architecture in Amsterdam.

Working with Dutch mathematician and artist Rinus Roelofs and Dini in Italy, “we put the whole thing in the computer,” the architect said.


So now we’re also exploring the possibility of the printer following the direction of the house. The printer would go around a few hundred times, and basically print it in one go. That’s my ambition because then it would be continuous, from bottom to top. 3Δ.com

Autodesk and Stratasys

Lunar base made with 3D printing. Credit: ESA


3D printing shows its teeth

Photos of masaki ishitani

1F Dogenzaka Pia, 1-22-7 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, 03-5459-5123 10 minute walk from JR Shibuya sta, 3 minute from Shinsen sta. on Inokashira

Local 3-D printing pioneers make it easy for all to join in

This photo shows Japan's 3D computer-aided design (CAD) venture Fasotec employee Tomohiro Kinoshita displaying a nine-month fetus and mother's body image, made of two-colour acrylic resin at the company's headquarters in Chiba, suburban Tokyo. 3Dプリンティング.com



Credit per la foto: Herriot-Watt University di Edimburgo

CeBIT 2013 3D printing

3D printing specialists say whatever can be designed on a computer can be turned into an object.

Currently, the group is working on projects ranging from printed circuit boards for automobiles and aircraft to replacement parts for damaged and failing human organs and tissue,  

The White House’s budget promises millions of dollars to build a solid foundation for additive manufacturing


US government attempts to stifle 3D-printer gun designs will ultimately fail

3D printing synthetic 'tissue

Japanese surgeon Maki Sugimoto holds a 3-D replica of a patient's liver built by printers using acrylic resin.

The cost for 3D printers will drop below $2,000 as demand skyrockets.
By Colin Neagle, Network World March 27, 2013 03:52 PM ET

2,000ドル以下の価格帯になり、「商取引の進め方を根本的に変える可能性」も (2013年03月29日)
WIPO Demonstrates 3D Printing: Making The Impossible Possible 25/4/ 2013

3D Printing Shop Founded in Beirut

In New York, 3D printing finally gets its day in the sun

Creepy or Cool? Portraits Derived From the DNA in Hair and Gum Found in Public Places

World's First 3D Printed Sunglasses-Redefined by Designer Ron Arad

Additive Manufacturing
GE, the world’s largest manufacturer, is on the verge of using 3-D printing to make jet parts.

A new brick in the Great Wall
Additive manufacturing is growing apace in China Apr 27th 2013

Additive News


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Nasa says 3D printing could one day be used by astronauts to make replacement parts

Stratasys、3Dプリンティングにおける顧客満足度に対する地域産業の ...

共同通信PRワイヤー (プレスリリース)-Aug 14, 2013
当社の顧客が、技術、サポート、およびサービスに関して、この地域における3Dプリンティングのリーダーとして当社を ... 我々は、最先端の3Dプリンティング技術と世界クラスのサポートサービスを提供し、顧客が素早い投資回収を実現することに ...

Two Swiss architects 3D print an intricate room in artificial sandstone containing 260 mil...
Two Swiss architects 3D print an intricate room in artificial sandstone containing 260 million surfaces (Photo: Hansmeyer / Dillenburger)


3D Printer Systems for Less Than US$5.000

affordable 3D Printer Systems on additive3d The technology for 3D printing has been around for many years and now it is poised to move beyond prototyping into a high-end product and high-volume commercial manufacturing. Most industry players are using this technology in the market to advance their agenda through different design and manufacturing approaches. The technology is set to advance through loosely coordinated developments. In this article, we focus on 3D printer systems that cost less than US$5.000.  

The Complete RPML Archive


rpml archived discussion Beginning the early days of additive fabrication, The Rapid Prototyping Mailing List (RPML) was a crucial continuous discussion among thousands of people. During those days and the years to come, it became an instrument of change.  

Rapid Prototyping in the Fine Arts, Architecture, Jewelry, and Industrial Design

Prototyping in other fields In the field of manufacturing, rapid prototyping is used to make a three-dimensional model of a part or product. Also, it is used to test the efficiency of a product or part design, before it is manufactured in larger quantities. This article looks at the applications of rapid prototyping in the fine arts, architecture, jewelry, and industrial design.  

Applications of Additive Manufacturing: Transportation – Aerospace

Additive Manufacturing aerospace The aerospace sector was among the early adopters of additive manufacturing technology. In an industry where cost is not a priority, the bulk of the work go into parts of an aircraft which are smaller in quantities, but often very technical; hence, they must meet certain strict requirements.  

What Is the Difference between an RP Machine and A 3D Printer

3d vs RP prototype explained Most people often wonder the distinguishing factor between Rapid Prototyping and 3D Printing; well, the two terms are used along each other and have distinctive similarities. For instance, they both build models layer by layer from STL data. RP, as it’s commonly known is a technical term for this type of additive manufacturing process while 3D is the colloquial terms for the same to make many people grasp the technology easily. However, RP is done at industrial-level while 3D is done at the level of the consumer. That said here are some major differences between the two. Home